Just 3 days to go!I hope you had a nice sunday guys and girls ^^
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3 days left and Zero os a BEAST! LOVE that is cock is massive enough to be my bed. But people we need to make his massive hunk TALLER!! He should be a good 25- 30 ft tall EASY! So lets keep going and make Zero utterly huge!!


Just 3 days to go!
I hope you had a nice sunday guys and girls ^^

to make Zero grow, make your donation there:…

After your donation, pick the parts you’d like the growth to focus on!…

3 days left and Zero os a BEAST! LOVE that is cock is massive enough to be my bed. But people we need to make his massive hunk TALLER!! He should be a good 25- 30 ft tall EASY! So lets keep going and make Zero utterly huge!!


So I decided to give it a try!The principe of the Growth Drive is easy!1$ = 1lbs the goal is to make our friend Zero the biggest possible!I’ll post daily drawing of his progress and by donating you’ll get a chance to enter an Raffle and win a drawing from me!The Drive will end in 10 days!GO!Donations are that…Once you’ve donated pick your favorite parts to…
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Ok my buddy Rent is doing this Growth Drive. Details are in his post. Rebloging so that more people donate and make him MASSIVE!! He needs to be taller hehe


So I decided to give it a try!
The principe of the Growth Drive is easy!
1$ = 1lbs the goal is to make our friend Zero the biggest possible!
I’ll post daily drawing of his progress and by donating you’ll get a chance to enter an Raffle and win a drawing from me!
The Drive will end in 10 days!

Donations are that way:…

Once you’ve donated pick your favorite parts to grow:…

Do not hesitate to reblog it and share to make Zero the biggest possible!

Ok my buddy Rent is doing this Growth Drive. Details are in his post. Rebloging so that more people donate and make him MASSIVE!! He needs to be taller hehe



Bad news are raining those days: the screen of my computer is cracked, the stylus of my tablet died on me and last but not least I might not be able to pay my bills this months.
After twenty month of jobhunting, commissions and temp work, I’m in a very tight spot. I might have find a real decent…

Rent here is a good buddy of mine. I makes me sad to hear that he is in a tight financial spot. He does great art and I’ve showcased many of the commissions he has done for me, they are amazing! So I am sharing this in hopes more people commission him to help him out.

My Initial Story - You Have Got To Be Kidding Me?!

Hey everyone, Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. I had my dad get sick last month and then my sister was in the hospital. But anyway, This was the 1st ever story I ever wrote it is not the greatest and needs lots of work. I am actually working on redoing this but for now here is the original. I hope you can enjoy even though it isnt the greatest. Comments, Questions and Suggestion are always welcome. Also FYI there is a Drawing that was made of one of the characters. It has been posted on here before.

Episode Zero: Pilot/ Prologue

“Dad, I’m home.” He yelled as he finished taking his keys out of the door, then closing it behind him.
“I’m in the kitchen, come I have to tell you something.” He heard being replied back.

That’s odd; Dad is almost always in his office. It’s why I usually yell so he can hear me, what could he want to tell me? Could it be?!

The young man sprinted across the house and entered the kitchen. Once he entered he saw his Dad standing over the stove cooking his favorite.

“You made Steak Burgers Dad? You know they are my favorite, what is the occasion?” He stated the in his mind he half knew the answer.

Could it really be what I THINK it is? Is it finally time?

“Have a seat son, it’s almost ready.” He said as his son sat down at the table and he put the finishing touches on the meal. Once it was all prepped he placed it on the table.

“So what is it dad? Your here and cooking, it’s very unlike you.” He said as he grabbed a burger and began to stuff his face, the juiciness of the burger running out of his mouth and down his chin.

“Well son it’s like this, I’m going to need you to get some rest tonight because we have a lot of work ahead of us. We’re moving.”

“Wait, Are you serious?! We’re moving; we’re going back.” He said with food still in his mouth, wiping his mouth with his hand.

“Yes son it’s finally time. I can’t take the guilt much more, I have to right my wrongs and help the one who was hurt and left behind.” He said to his son staring him square in the face as he saw him stuff his face.

Tears were swelling up in his eyes as he spoke. This decision had been long in the making and he finally took the plunge his son had wanted him to take for so long.

“Wait so does that mean you’ve found it?” He said with eyes wide open, they sparkled with such a shine even behind his glasses.

“No not yet son but I’m close, the closest that I’ve ever been. But that is why we’re going back.”

“And you’re not kidding are you? We’re going back?! Oh dad that’s awesome, when are we leaving? What about my job? And School? Did you get a house?” By now he had finished eating and started to drink down his entire cup of water.

“No son I’m not kidding, and as for all the arrangements, they’ve are all taken care of except for your work. You must do that on your own. We leave in two weeks plenty of time to give notice.”

“Oh wow dad this is amazing! I’m so happy!” He said as he got up off his chair and reached over giving his dad a great big hug.

“I’m glad son, now can your stop crushing me?” He said as his son was hugging him a bit too hard taking the air out of his lungs.

“Oh I’m sorry dad. I still forget sometimes” He said as he put him back on the ground then kissed his dad on his forehead. “Well then I’ll head off to bed, a big day for tomorrow lots of packing and all.”

“It’s alright son and yes get some rest. Need you bright and early.” As he said this he began clearing off the table taking the dirty dishes to the sink to be washed and took the leftovers to be put away. Noticing his son had eaten less than normal mostly due to the news.

“Alright dad and g’night.” He said as he rushed out the kitchen and ran up the stairs to his room, a smile on his face.

Running up the stairs he couldn’t help but start to think.

Wow I can’t believe it, FINALLY after all this time we get to go back. I wonder if he will recognize me, it HAS been so long and a lot has happened. I know one thing for sure my feelings are the same and yet they’ve changed. I need to tell him, he has to know. But will he accept me? No I can’t think like that he is my friend, and soon more.

As he finished his train of thought he got more excited and yet a small bit depressed because after all one cannot see into the future and know how it all plans out. As he got closer to his room he couldn’t help but let out a sigh, a lone word escaping his mouth:

Episode One: Contact


The loud ringing of the alarm was blaring through the room once again; this time causing its intended to awaken.

“Oh man ok I’m up and that dream was so nice, I’ll have to write it in my journal; I could use it in my story.” I say to myself as I stretch further waking myself. Then my eyes set themselves onto the nightstand were my clock lies.

“FUCK! You have got to be kidding me? Six Forty Five, I overslept?!.” I quickly jump out of bed and grab a towel from the dresser and run towards the bathroom to take the quickest shower possible.

Placing the towel on the rack and getting the shower prepped just right steals more precious time from me but it needed to be done. I jump right in and let myself get soaked as I grab my shower gel and lather my body; at just 5’7” and 100lbs I’m not much to look at but I am slightly tone, feeling a faint hinting of abs as I continue to lather up. As I move lower my hands to wash my one redeeming quality, my 10”x7” cock which was sadly going to have to be ignored today as I finished lathering up and rinsed off.

“Sorry Big Guy I can’t give you attention right now, woke up late.” I said as I went ahead and grabbed the shampoo and washed my blonde hair. Unable to do the rest of my morning ritual I rinsed my hair off, turned off the shower and dried off quickly brushing my teeth and gelling up my hair quickly.
“Thank goodness for uniforms!” I said as I walked back to my room and began to get dressed, putting on a pair of boxer briefs before putting on my uniform. Quickly I put on the White Dress shirt and buttoned it up right away, then proceeded to put on my Light Blue Tie, then my Navy Slacks and Navy blazer with our Schools Logo right over my heart. I put on my sneakers and then grabbed my Backpack, my Journal and some of my other books and things then headed downstairs.

“Man I don’t even have time for breakfast, maybe I can have a quick something.” Just as I said that and entered the kitchen I saw a plate, a note, and a Boxed Lunch. The note read:

Morning Sweetie,
Noticed you weren’t awake yet and might be running late so I made you breakfast and packed your lunch. Enjoy and hurry along to school, I know how much this means to you. You make us so proud.


On the plate was a neatly prepared Egg White Omelet, W/ Turkey Bacon Whole Wheat Wrap. While inside the lunch box were both a Tuna Sandwich and a PB&J both on whole wheat, Vanilla Yogurt and some pineapple slices.

“Oh Mum you’re a life saver!” I said as I put my stuff down and packed my lunch in my bag. Then grabbed my Wrap the rest of my things and headed out the door.

“Of all days the bus was early today and this next bus is late.” Now I don’t live that far from school but taking the bus was rather nice and it helped me save time. And since I had an experiment to get to I had no time to waste and began the trek to school.

After I finished up eating my breakfast I started picking up my pace and not really looking where I was going I rushed down the block toward school. I eventually rounded the corner of the building and found myself crashing into something very hard; something totally immovable. The books and papers I was holding scattered everywhere and I was knocked on my ass. As I got up and dusted myself off I saw what it was that I crashed into. It wasn’t a post, a tree, or a wall but a man with a close trimmed sexy beard.

“Hey!” he said like he knew me. He offered me a hand up, then bent down and started to collect some of my things.

He appeared to be a college student and since he was now crouched down I had to guess that he was maybe 6’1” and he was big I mean his muscles were HUGE! Just one bicep was bigger than my head and his shoulders were so wide he looked like he was wearing football pads. His chest literally filled up and stretched the light leather jacket he was wearing along with the grey ‘Auto Repair’ shirt he was wearing underneath. I thought I could see some chest hair poking out. His forearm was bigger around than my thigh.

Remembering my scattered books and papers I immediately began collecting my things, while keeping one eye on the muscular man. As he was helping me gather my things I looked him up and down.

“What are you, a human roadblock or something?” I said.

He chuckled and looked like he was going to go into a long explanation. I cut him off before he could start.

“Hey I’m real sorry I bumped into you, I was in a rush and wasn’t looking where I was going PLUS most people don’t take up the whole sidewalk OR stand around doing nothing.” I said really trying to hurry and finish so I could leave without any incident.

“It’s no big deal.” He said in such a deep manly voice that I felt the vibrations all the way down to my cock. I also noticed that he was looking my up and down, like he was checking me out.

Oh you have got to be kidding me. HE CAN’T BE CHECKING ME OUT! He is probably pulling my leg. I have got to get out of here and fast I don’t have time for this and I don’t need a certain SOMEONE waking up.

Suddenly I heard his start to speak again. “Uhm, hey do you know how to get to the…” was all he said before I cut him off again. “Hey real sorry Mr. Olympia but I’m running late. I really have to get going.” I sped off into the school building not hearing his last comment. All I heard was one word.


My luck must have started to change because I was able to make it into school and Prof. Erikson’s room on time without a moment to spare. Prof. Erikson was as you could guess was a Professor why he would choose to teach in a HS is as good a guess as mine. I was oddly lucky to have him as a teacher for all three years of my Sciences. General Science, Biology, and I was even surprised to have been Selected to be in his Honors Chemistry class last year. I always loved Science and Prof. Erikson noticed that in me right away.

“Whooo, that sure was cutting it close. SAFE!” I said as I pumped my fist in the air. I put my stuff down and then headed over to the cabinets and take out a jar of pellets.

I was actually there to run some tests for my work on the thesis for the College admission which also doubled as as a means for a Scholarship, but my first job was to feed the rabbits and the other animals in the Science Lab that Prof. Erikson kept for his work. I don’t really have many friends and Prof. Erikson’s rabbits kind of help me relax. After feeding them I ran my tests then recorded my results for the day in my Data Log. Then I spent the rest of the time talking to the rabbits until I heard the bell signaling Homeroom.

“Well later guys.” I said to the rabbits as I got up and headed out locking the room behind me.

“And so begins another uneventful day at Lancaster Regional High School.” I said with a sigh.

I arrive at my Homeroom/1st period English class, Mr. Lee wasn’t in yet but I headed to my usual seat in the back of the class. Everyone seemed to be talking about some new “BIG and HOT” transfer student that arrived on campus today.

“Seems the rumor mill is starting up again and I bet every girl in here already thinks he will fall head over heels in love with her!” I said out loud to myself as I took my seat and got settled in. As everyone continued to talk about the mysterious new student, I promptly but my stuff down on my desk and placed my book bag on the ground. It was just about to bring out my Journal to write about my dream and polish up a story when I noticed It was missing entirely.

Oh you have got to be kidding me! Of all the things that could have gotten lost it just HAD to be THAT!

As I begin to calm myself down I couldn’t help but think that the guy I bumped into might have picked it up. I could only hope he didn’t open it and read its contents.

“I truly hope he didn’t open it and read it, if he even does have it.” I mumbled.

Mr. Lee finally entered the room, closed the door and began trying to get everyone to settle down and return to their seats. He then proceeded to pull out the attendance sheet and began calling roll. No sooner than after calling out the 3rd name there was a knock on the door. Excusing himself, he opened the door and steps outside, he then returned a few minutes later and he looked a bit flustered. Right behind him enters …

“HIM! That’s the guy I bumped into this morning!” I blurted out.

A couple of people turn to face my direction and begin bombarding me with questions. But before I can answer Mr. Lee orders everyone to calm down and gets their attention.

“We have a new student joining out class today this is..” he said before he was quickly cut off.

“Hello, My name is Rick Anderson. It’s a pleasure to meet you all my fellow classmates.” He said again in that deep manly voice of his.

Hmmm, now for some reason why does his name sound familiar? Wait did he just say STUDENT?! I said to myself.

Meanwhile the class went into a small uproar.

“You mean he isn’t a Student Teacher?!” says a girl. “He’s so big and strong looking.” There was lust in her voice.

“I bet he’ll try out for the Football Team or something.” said another classmate this time a guy.

“Pffft, He IS the football team,” I added dryly.

As everyone kept murmuring, I finally took a good look at him. He looked actually taller possibly 6’7”, had light brown hair, and green eyes behind a pair of nice Armani glasses. That beard really did make him look older and I was right before he was indeed covered in a nice coat of hair. I looked further down and saw that we too was packing some big equipment judging from the bulge in his denim jeans. As I looked further down I could see the slight musculature of his legs ending in what had to be Size 17 Leather boots.

“Was there NOTHING small about this guy?!” I said to myself

“I really hate guys like him!” I muttered aloud under my breath

When I looked up again I noticed he had something in his hand. It was “My Journal.”

“Well Mr. Anderson now that you have introduced yourself please have a seat. I see that there is a desk available next to Mr. Reyes. Oh Ian would you wave to Mr. Anderson here.” He said. I thought I say Rick smile at Mr. Lee saying my name. I shook it off as a coincidence.

Wait, did Mr. Lee just call me?! He wants that Hulking, Hairy, Mass of a man sitting next me ME?!

I raised my hand and waved, I felt all eyes on me as Rick walked through the aisles closer to me. People were already whispering and murmuring at the “Unfairness” of the situation. As he took his seat everyone turned back to Mr. Lee as he resumed role call once again.

“We meet again.” He said flashing a gorgeous smile.

“So I take this is the place you were looking for? Never would have guessed.” I said, not wanting to speak with him anymore and just wanting my Journal back.

“Yeah I get that a lot.” He said as he flashed that pretty gorgeous smile again. It kind of pissed me off more.

“You have my Journal I see, may I have it back?” I said to him as I stretched my arm out and held my hand open.

“Oh right yes here you so.” He said as he motioned and placed it in my hand, at which time I snatched it away quickly.

“I must say what you have written in that journal is quite hot.” He said in a low rumble that only I could here.

My face went completely pale, my worst fear realized. He had actually looked inside and read it. I turned to him my face twisting in anger, teeth clenched as I said to him.

“You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!”